Braemar Heating

In most areas of Pakistan, electricity costs are rising faster than gas, so natural gas heating offers a cost-effective alternative. The intelligent solution is Braemar.

Kinder to the Environment

Australian research found that gas ducted central heating produced just one third of the emissions of heating.

Flexible Design

Braemar is easy to fit to existing buildings with no radical changes needed.

Infinite Warmth

When it gets really cold outside Braemar ducted gas systems keep your home as warm as you want it.

25 Years Warrantee

Get factory backed Warrantee by Seeley International. We confirm both your comfort and insurance!

Reliable Performace

Developing energy-efficient heating technologies, we rigorously test all of our effiicient products, to ensure standards.

Vastly Reduced Heating Costs

Braemar heating does not use electricity like many heating solutions do and it's methodology ensures cheaoer and quality warmth.

Welcome to Braemar Heating!

For over 50 years Braemar has been keeping Australian families wonderfully warm and beautifully cool, with superb high-performance heating and cooling products and has cemented its reputation as a trusted and innovative Australian company. Braemar is a brand you can trust. Braemar and Seeley International continue to win awards for world leading innovation and highly energy-efficient products. In 2012 alone, Seeley International was recognised in 13 awards for its engineering excellence, innovation and unsurpassed product quality.
"Choosing Braemar not just reduced our costs, it was easy to fit in and simple to use."
- A Client, Testemonial

Why choose Braemar Heating?

The Spectrolink Multizone controller provides you with simple control options over every function of your Braemar gas central heating system.

Microprocessor controlled electronic ignition eliminates the need for a pilot light. It manages the gas ignition system and the fan controller system, ensures dependable ignition and monitors all heater, flame sensor and safety functions.

Braemar brings you yet another superstar in six star heating… the Braemar “Super-Six” ducted gas heater. The world’s most energy efficient conventional ducted gas heater has arrived!

Key Features

Using leading-edge bearing, motor-cooling and speed control technologies, Braemar’s combustion inducer fan draws all combustion gases through the heat exchanger and expels them safely outdoors. It’s designed for ultra-safe, quiet operation.

Ecostar Tri-Action heat exchanger comes standard on all five and six star Braemar ducted gas heaters (except the non-condensing five star THM range). Delivering maximum heat transfer in minimum space.

We don’t just care about keeping you warm – we care about keeping you safe, too. That’s why all Braemar heaters have numerous layers of safety points to protect you at all times. Want to know the complete specifications?

Want to know the complete specifications?