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manufacturer and a global leader in developing ingenious,
energy-efficient cooling and heating products.

Breezair ICON, Inverter Technology

(Run as low as 64 watts)

The world’s 1st inverter technology cooler which can run as low as 70 Watts! Cool your 1 kanal house in less than Rs. 400 Rupees/month!

Iconic in Quality and Cost Reduction

Years of customer satisfaction and cost reduction proves this innovative technology to be undeniably effective.

Quietest Evaporative Cooler

The Hushpower motor produces an efficient centrifugal fan, making it the quietest cooling system available.

The Intelligent Choice

A Breezair system consumes up to 80% less energy than a conventional air conditioning system.

25 Years Warrantee

Get factory backed Warrantee by Seeley International. We confirm both your comfort and insurance!

No Risk of Fumes and Germs

Doors and windows can be left open with absolutely no loss in cooling efficiency, the air is 100% fresh!

Cool a 1 Kanal house in Rs. 400/Month

The world’s 1st inverter technology cooler Ex-210 can function as low as 70 watts!

Welcome to the Breezair ICON Series!

The Breezair ICON series of evaporative coolers will build on the established and successful EA series. The Icon offers a new generation of centrifugal fan evaporative coolers which will be even more reliable and require less frequent maintenance. The quiet operation of this cooler makes it particularly suitable for commercial and retail installations where fan/motor noise may be a problem.
"With the use of Breezair ICON I have experienced a drastic fall in my electricity bill."
- A Client, Testemonial

Why choose Enviromagic?

The New Icon Series Fan is combined with it’s motor fan and is Responsive to duct sizing & back pressure, designed to deliver optimum air output.

The new ICON Cabinet features Non-fading, Non-discolouring, UV resistant and Non-rusting, which is nothing less than a proof of quality.

The Breezair ICON, Inverter Tech is far more energy efficient than any of it’s competition. Advanced electronic controls, managing and monitoring the motor, ensure that the system operates at its optimum efficiency at all times.

Key Features

The Icon series has all of the features of the EA coolers plus many more. The autodrain facility, the Tornado pump, the long life Chillcel pads are features incorporated within the Icon cooler.

They also use revolutionary “Hushpower” permanent magnet motor technology. This produces an efficient centrifugal fan, making it the quietest ducted evaporative cooling system available.

This combination of a reduced temperature and constant air flow produces a more comfortable working environment, thus improving morale, absenteeism, production and ultimately productivity.

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